It’s quite paradoxical that hopelessness can be fueled by passion.

But intensity without direction is overwhelmingly disheartening.

The hardest part is believing there’s a way out that you can’t yet see. And it has everything to do with taking the first step forward before you can reconcile what you don’t know.

To prepare your feet, these nine questions show their kindness through their impact on providing insight, self awareness, and creative clarity to decide your career path.

Samuel Silitonga,

To minimize the torture of unmet expectations, investigate the job from the inside in real time.

There are a few ways you can…

The type of person who gets along with anybody isn’t any closer to knowing where to belong. I thought being all things to all people would help, but the problem was I didn’t know who I wanted to be for me.

Flo Maderebner,

Growing up, I was interested in everything. I was an animal lover, rollerblader (in a mini skirt), serial outfit changer turned fashion aficionado, crafter, brief violinist, nerd, and a loud mouth (as any real commitment to class clown would be trying too hard).

In short, I had a hard time being satisfied with just one thing. I even used to graze other’s food to taste a bit of everything, but only in the safety of my family and friends, of course. I anxiously carried my appetite of interests into adulthood. Still no path paved but many started.

Each confusing year…

Our ideas lose imagination when our conversations lose power.

And, we bear the burden of an untold story.

Matheus Viana, Pexels

And every business, which starts with an idea, has the task of resolving the inner chaos of message and ambition while guiding the vehicle of transformation; effective communication.

The way we talk about our ideas has everything to do with our ability to make an impact.

It could be the fluidity of digital marketing making our impact more difficult because vital principles like purpose and intention are increasingly unclear for both brands and consumers.

Not only is it changing the dialogue so completely but relevant conversations are becoming more difficult to…

Reach, Serve, Repeat.


Billions of users are inundated with information. Unfortunately, that makes your work speak for itself much less. It’s critical to know the best strategies to start reaching the people you’re trying to serve, because the sustainability of your business rests on how many lives you’ve changed.

That starts with reaching them where they’re at. One of those places is social media. After all, you can’t serve them if you can’t first reach them.

If you’ve felt like social media was the biggest headache in your business, right next to taxes, you wouldn’t be alone.

This post will help you target…

Megan Bales

Chronically disinterested in normal life.

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